Poems and Stories

The links below will take you to various poems and stories linked through out the JABB websites. They’re posted together here for convenience’s sake. We hope you enjoy them!

The JABB Poetry Book

This is a list of poems either written by JABB members or just ones we liked.

The Angel of Direst Necessity

This is a Swedish story by Beth Birkenhain translated by Anna, one of our members. It’s a very touching story.

The following links will take you to various "Touched by an Angel" fanfictions through out the JABB website. These are fanfics that deal *only* with the show. There are numerous other stories set in Dyeland and stuff but I am not linking those here because there are so many and they aren't exactly fanfiction.

Becca’s Story

This is a Halloween-themed TBAA fanfic written by JABB members Jenni, Karen, Mieke, and Sara. As dreaded Halloween night draws near, Andrew finds himself forced to confront the family of a young girl he feels he failed 44 years before.

I Have a Rendezvous with Death

This fanfic was written by Jane. She describes it as such: "I wrote this as a potential script idea for TBAA, but have turned it into a novella. I had fun playing with the idea of Andrew as a human and entering into a romance. This is dedicated to all John's fans."

Journey to Heaven

Another fanfic written by another member, Javi.

The Missing Scene from "The Pact"

This brief but touching fanfic by Yvette is a sequel to the TBAA episode "The Pact". It was actually part of a JABB newsletter so you'll have to scroll down a bit to get to it.

A Return to "The Violin Lesson"

This was Jenni's answer to a challenge to write a fanfic in less than 150 words. Andrew returns to the Du Bois home after Tony's death.

Additional stories can be found on our Dye Scouts page.

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